Marion County Vietnam Memorial

In 1970 Crew Chief, Tom Feigel, a resident of Webster, N.Y.
and Door Gunner, Tom Wilkes a New Milford, Connecticut resident,
served together in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam, on the helicopter “ Super Slick”.

The two men had assumed their ship had been destroyed or left behind, like the majority of the ‘copters in the conflict.

A series of unlikely circumstances brought them to Fairmont, WV on April 28, 2012, both vets came face-to-face
with their old helicopter “Super Slick” at the Marion County Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Tom Wilkes said: I flew as a Door Gunner on Super Slick. Thanks to Jeff Greene,
on April 28, 2012, along with my Crew Chief Tom Feigel, I was reunited with Super Slick
after more than 40 years. I would like to thank all those that came out to meet us and
 made the reunion that much more special and meaningful. It is hard to put into words
 how much pride I feel knowing that Super Slick is in such a place of honor.
 It is very humbling to know that Super Slick is now part of a Memorial to our Fallen Heroes.
 Thank you to all that served and especially to those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Below is what that day looked like

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